1500 m2 of gamedev

We are proud of our office, created for those of our employees who can’t or don’t want to work remotely. We carefully planned its design and supervised its creation on all stages. Here, every detail, every square meter is meticulously crafted for maximum comfort, convenience and security.


Not just a place to eat

One of the most popular spaces in our studio. It is not just a place to eat, but a modern cafe, where you can drink freshly brewed coffee while enjoying a beautiful view, have some fresh fruits and snacks, as well as have lunch with your colleagues while discussing gaming industry news. We regularly meet there to celebrate birthdays and other happy occasions.


With health in mind

The video games industry is awesome but it has one drawback — an average game developer spends most of his time sitting. To compensate for this, we have built a gym — compact, but fully equipped and suitable for all types of training. Professional equipment and master classes by experienced instructors allow our employees to stay in shape and be healthy. Convenient changing rooms and showers are also available.


From workshops to hackathons

Our studio has four spacious meeting rooms equipped with TVs, cameras and acoustics for online calls. We also have a large conference hall with a projector, a large screen and everything necessary for meetings of all sizes.


Team jam sessions

Yes, you heard it right, we have our own music studio in the office, complete with the coolest equipment for rehearsals and recording! Electronic drums, tube amplifiers, and a whole arsenal of guitars and other equipment — all of that is available to our employees who enjoy music.


Create games, play games

And of course, we have a room for gamers: huge TVs, a Playstation 4, VR gear and a great collection of video games and board games to cater for every taste!
And for those who prefer rest over entertainment, we have a nap room with comfortable beds and cozy bed throws.